Caudalie – Vinoperfect Concentrated Essence of Radiance

In this video, Cléo reviews the recent luminosity water from Caudalie. Join her as she shares all the details about this product.

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“Hello my loves, I hope you’re doing well. Tonight is a beautiful summer night, filled with dreams. But before enjoying the night, I wanted to chat with you a little. Before anything else, I want to ask you for a favor. I rarely ask, but we have to do it. Subscribe to the channel if you enjoy what you find here. Sometimes, you watch the videos but forget to give them a thumbs up, even if we’re friends. Please, take a moment to do that. It really helps the channel grow. Also, don’t forget to turn on notifications, because sometimes YouTube doesn’t notify you about new uploads. We always have new and exciting videos for you here. We aim to provide the best content. That being said, let’s talk about the featured product in this video.

Caudalie’s luminosity water is part of their perfume line. It is inspired by Asian skin care rituals, particularly the use of essences for radiant skin. I recently discovered this essence when I was in Portugal. I fell in love with its amazing properties. You may already know that I’m obsessed with beauty products, especially waters like rice water, oat water, and thermal water. I’m fascinated by their effects, especially during the summer. When I was introduced to the Caudalie essence, I was thrilled. There are many essences in the market, but I hadn’t seen a national one. The Caudalie essence caught my attention.

Korean and Oriental women have a skincare routine that starts with cleansing oils to remove makeup, followed by foam cleansers and toners. The essence doesn’t replace the toner, but adds an extra step. Instead of using a cotton pad, I prefer to apply it directly to my skin. I love the refreshing feeling it gives me. This essence prepares my skin for moisturizers and other products I use during the day or night. Each essence has its own unique active ingredients, and in the case of Caudalie, it is grape water, glycolic acid, and peony extract. These ingredients illuminate the skin and enhance the effects of subsequent products.

I’ve been using this essence for a month now, and I can say that it lasts a long time. I love using it during the day after toning and at night after cleansing. It provides a refreshing sensation and prepares my skin for the next steps in my skincare routine. For me, it’s a crucial step in achieving luminous skin. It’s important to note that this essence is not a miracle product. It enhances the effects of other skincare products you use afterward, such as serums or creams.

I bought this essence for R$88, and it’s definitely worth the price. I can’t recommend it enough for those who want to achieve luminous skin. Just remember to follow the instructions according to your skin’s needs.

I hope you enjoyed this overview and review of the Caudalie Luminosity Water. If you’re interested in purchasing it, you can find it on our website. Thank you for watching and supporting our channel. Until next time!”

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Cléo resenha a recente água de luminosidade da Caudalie! Fique a conhecer tudo!

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