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Renowned shoe designer George Sully is revolutionizing the fashion industry with an interactive platform that aims to remove ignorance and promote inclusivity. In this video, George Sully discusses the challenges that black designers face in Canada and introduces his groundbreaking initiative, Black Designers of Canada.

Black Designers of Canada serves as an index where graphic designers, fashion designers, and other design disciplines can showcase their work. Visitors to the website can explore the designers’ bios, browse their portfolios, and connect with them through their websites and Instagram accounts. This platform not only elevates the profiles of black designers but also brings attention to their excellence and creativity.

George emphasizes the importance of supporting the wider fashion industry in embracing this initiative and diversifying the representation of black designers. He encourages everyone to visit the website and witness the impressive talent of over 150 black designers from Canada.

By showcasing the collective talent of the black design community, George aims to challenge the industry’s tendency to spotlight only a select few. Instead, he invites viewers to immerse themselves in the rich variety of design aesthetics and stories that the black designers of Canada have to offer.

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Renowned shoe designer George Sully hopes the platform will help to remove ignorance as an excuse for exclusion.

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