Cerrado Fashion Week – Summer 2013 – Opening featuring Ronaldo Fraga []

*The Cerrado Fashion Week [Verão 2013] kicked off with an inspiring keynote speech by renowned fashion designer Ronaldo Fraga. Watch as the packed runway-turned-lecture hall becomes an avenue of style and beauty, as Fraga shares his creative inspirations, presents his latest summer collection, and speaks passionately about his fashion beliefs.*

Welcome to the Cerrado Fashion Week [Verão 2013], a captivating event that showcases the latest trends in fashion, style, and beauty. In this video, we witness the enthralling opening lecture by the esteemed Ronaldo Fraga, setting the tone for an unforgettable fashion extravaganza.

With the room filled to capacity, Ronaldo Fraga, an undisputed icon in the fashion industry, takes the stage to captivate the audience with his compelling insights and creative visions. Delve into the world of high fashion as Fraga divulges his inspiration behind his cutting-edge designs, capturing the essence of summer in every stitch.

From glamorous evening wear to breezy street style, the Cerrado Fashion Week demonstrates the versatility and innovation that defines the CFW experience. Immerse yourself in the world of beauty and sophistication as you witness Ronaldo Fraga’s latest collection, a masterpiece of style that seamlessly complements the vibrant atmosphere of a summer’s day.

Step into the mind of Ronaldo Fraga, a true fashion visionary, as he shares his unrivaled expertise and convictions. Discover the driving forces behind his unique creations, as he explores the intersection of fashion, art, and culture. Join us on this exhilarating journey of creativity, where the boundaries of style are pushed, and inspiration breathes life into every garment.

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O Cerrado Fashion Week [Verão 2013] teve sua abertura oficial com a palestra de Ronaldo Fraga. Com a sala de desfiles (palestra) lotada, o estilista falou sobre suas inspirações, sua última coleção e sobre suas convicções de moda.Ronaldo Fraga

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