Chipotle tests robot to prepare avocados for guacamole


– Chipotle Mexican Grill has developed a robot called Autocado that can cut, core, and peel avocados used in its guacamole.
– The robot could cut the prep time in half, saving time and labor costs for the fast-casual chain.
– Chipotle developed the robot in partnership with Vebu Labs, a California-based robotics startup, and also invested in the company through its venture arm, Cultivate Next.
– The restaurant industry is facing a labor shortage, leading to increased interest in robotics and automation.


– The Autocado robot is a collaborative robot (cobot) that can prepare avocados for guacamole.
– It vertically orients the avocados, slices them in half, removes the cores and skin, and collects the fruit in a bowl at the bottom.
– Chipotle employees can then hand mash and mix the avocados with other guacamole ingredients.
– The Autocado can hold up to 25 pounds of avocados at once and significantly reduces the time and effort required to prepare the fruit.
– Chipotle still values employee involvement in guacamole preparation and has no plans to fully automate the process.


– The Autocado robot saves time and labor costs for Chipotle by reducing the prep time for guacamole.
– It also helps in reducing food waste by efficiently preparing avocados.
– The robot has the potential to save millions of dollars on avocados annually if deployed across all Chipotle locations.
– In addition to cost savings, the Autocado improves workplace safety by reducing the risk of knife injuries during avocado preparation.
– Chipotle plans to test the Autocado in restaurants later this year.


– Chipotle’s Autocado is part of a larger trend in the restaurant industry towards automation and robotics.
– Sweetgreen, Starbucks, and fast-food chains like Carl’s Jr. are also investing in automation technologies.
– Sweetgreen, for example, uses an automated assembly line to make salads and warm bowls in one of its locations.
– Starbucks is investing in coffee-making equipment that reduces the workload for baristas.
– Chipotle is also testing automation for other kitchen tasks, such as using an autonomous tortilla chip maker called Chippy.


– Chipotle’s Autocado is currently in the prototype phase and is expected to be ready for manufacturing soon.
– Vebu Labs plans to add machine learning capabilities and sensors to the Autocado to evaluate the quality of avocados.
– Chipotle aims to expand the use of automation and artificial intelligence to automate ingredient preparation and predict food demand.
– The company is exploring other opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce labor costs.


– Chipotle’s Autocado robot has the potential to revolutionize the way avocados are prepared for guacamole.
– By reducing the time, effort, and costs associated with avocado preparation, the robot can improve efficiency and decrease food waste.
– The Autocado is a valuable tool in addressing the labor shortage and rising wages in the restaurant industry.
– Chipotle’s investment in Vebu Labs and its continued exploration of automation technologies demonstrate its commitment to innovation and improving the customer experience.

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