Choreography by Nika Kljun & Camillo Lauricella for “Pegate” by Power Peralta

**Title: Amazing Choreography by Nika Kljun and Camillo | PEGATE Dance Video**


Experience the power of dance with this incredible choreography by renowned dancers Nika Kljun and Camillo. Set to the mesmerizing beats of Raul Power’s hit song “PEGATE,” this captivating performance showcases their exceptional talent and creativity.

Don’t miss a moment of their dynamic moves as they bring the music to life with their precise choreography. The black and white setting adds an extra touch of elegance and style, creating a visually stunning experience.

Nika Kljun and Camillo are highly acclaimed choreographers, known for their unique and innovative dance styles. Their collaborative approach brings out the best in each other, offering a seamless fusion of movement and expression.

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Join us on this remarkable journey of dance, where passion meets rhythm and creativity knows no bounds.

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Vlad Koval, [16.03.19 19:01]
amazing choreography by @nikakljun n’ @followcamillo

Song: @raulpower – PEGATE
Choreographer: @nikakljun & @followcamillo

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Santiago Peralta

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