Christian Cota and Rolando Santana showcase Mexico at New York Fashion Week.

# Mexican Fashion Takes Over the Runway in New York City

*Experience the glamour of New York Fashion Week as we showcase the latest collections from renowned Mexican designers, Christian Cota and Rolando Santana.*

Representing their home country in the international fashion scene, Cota and Santana have earned their spots as prominent figures in the industry with their elegant and sophisticated designs. In this video, we bring you a glimpse of their fall-winter collection for women, as showcased during the New York Fashion Week.

Cota, who has been a well-respected name in the fashion industry since 2007, wowed the audience with his impeccable tailoring and exquisite attention to detail. Meanwhile, Santana, who is emerging as a promising force in the fashion world, showcased his talent for creating feminine and alluring pieces that flatter every body type.

Even though the two designers have very different styles, they both share a passion for showcasing Mexico’s rich cultural heritage and artisan techniques in their designs. So let yourself be transported to the Big Apple and indulge in the fashion extravaganza that is the New York Fashion Week with this dazzling display of Mexican fashion.

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Nova York (EUA), 17 fev (EFE), (Imagens: David Valenzuela e Ana Crespo).- O México esteve representado na Semana de Moda de Nova York por Christian Cota, que desde 2007 se firmou nessa indústria, e Rolando Santana, uma figura emergente.

Os dois apostaram na elegância em suas apresentações para a mulher na coleção outono-inverno.
Rolando Santana

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