Christopher Bates Kicks off Day 3 of TOM*FW with Host Yasmin Warsame


Welcome to FashCam’s coverage of Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, hosted by the fabulous Yasmin Warsame! This event is presented by Sapporo Brewery and Tiger of Sweden, and we have an exciting prize pack to give away. Be the first to email us the name of the designer and the tagline you see on the screen, and you could win a stunning Sapporo necklace made by Vitaly, along with other gorgeous gifts from Tiger of Sweden.

In this video, Yasmin Warsame interviews the talented Christopher Bates, who is showcasing his new spring 2016 collection. Bates designed and produced the entire collection in Italy, drawing inspiration from the stylish lifestyles of the Italian and French Riviera and Monaco. Expect to see elegant nautical-themed outfits, a beautiful color palette, and rich textures. Bates shares how he aims to bring the European standards of style and fashion to Canada, blending Italian tailoring with Scandinavian minimalism.

Yasmin also discusses Bates’ shoe collections and his plans for incorporating men’s wear influences into women’s wear design. The backstage footage showcases the harmonious collection of well-fitted outfits that highlight unique and rich color stories, including custom-dyed lilac, lavender, and ocean blue materials.

Don’t miss out on the chance to win our prize pack! Be sure to watch the video and email us the designer’s name and tagline for your chance to win. Visit for more details.


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Yasmin Warsame hosts FashCam coverage of Toronto Men’ Fashion Week presented by Sapporo and Tiger of Sweden. Be the first to email us the name of this designer and the tag line you see on the screen, and you win a prize pac including the Sapporo necklace made by Vitaly plus other gorgeous gifts from Tiger of Sweden.Christopher Bates

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  1. 👀Europeans? No only French & Italians set the fashion starts. I don’t why all of europe piggybacks France/Italy…. the rest of europe doesn’t know anything about fashion 🤣.

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