Climbing Up and Coming Down: An Exploration of Elevation Gain and Loss

## **Captain David Dixon Helicopter Flying Lessons: Exercise 6 – Climbing and Descending**

In this video, Captain David Dixon provides essential lessons on climbing and descending in a Robinson R22 helicopter. This is part of a comprehensive series covering lessons 1 to 9.

To begin the climb, Captain Dixon emphasizes the importance of checking for clearance above. Once cleared, he demonstrates how to select the proper attitude using the cyclic, slightly drawing it back. The target climbing speed is set at 60 knots, ensuring a positive rate of climb.

After achieving a positive rate of climb, the power is applied by increasing the manifold pressure to around 23 inches. Captain Dixon highlights the significance of maintaining the correct attitude and power for a successful climb.

Next, Captain Dixon explains the process of leveling off from a climb. It involves adjusting the attitude and power, with an anticipation of about 10% of the rate of climb. The horizon is used as a reference point, and the objective is to level off at 1,500 feet. The cyclic is adjusted to select the desired attitude and the power is reduced to 20 inches. This results in leveling off at 70 knots and 1,500 feet.

Moving on to the descent, Captain Dixon demonstrates the necessary steps. First, clearance below is essential, and then the power is gradually reduced. The nose is lowered to select the attitude of descent at 60 knots. Once the correct attitude is attained, the power is adjusted to maintain a steady rate of descent at 13 inches manifold pressure.

Similar to leveling off from a climb, Captain Dixon explains that when leveling off from a descent, the attitude and power need to be adjusted. The anticipation for leveling off is approximately 10% of the rate of descent, which is about 60 feet before reaching 1,000 feet. By increasing the power and slightly adjusting the cyclic, Captain Dixon shows how to level off at 70 knots and 1,000 feet.

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Captain David Dixon giving basic lessons in flying a Robinson R22 helicopter. Lessons 1 – 9.
Exercise 6.David Dixon

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