Colombiamoda 2018: First Look

**# Imágenes previas a la presentación de la colección Fortuna // Camilo Alvarez // Colombiamoda 2018 // Medellín – Colombia**


Welcome to Camilo Alvarez’s Colombiamoda 2018 collection, Fortuna. Get an exclusive sneak peek at the runway show through this exciting video!

As one of the most celebrated fashion events in Colombia, Colombiamoda showcases the country’s vibrant fashion scene. Camilo Alvarez, a prominent fashion designer, presents his captivating collection, Fortuna, in the beautiful city of Medellín.

In this video, captured by GatolokoFilms and featuring a stunning photograph by Juan Silva, you’ll witness the anticipation building up to the show. Witness the behind-the-scenes preparations, the models’ dazzling outfits, and the electrifying energy in the air.

The partnership between Camilo Alvarez and Colombia’s leading fashion organization, Inexmoda, has resulted in remarkable creations over the years. This collaboration is made possible by the support of Chevrolet, another key player in the industry, dedicated to promoting and empowering emerging fashion talent.

If you’re passionate about fashion, runway shows, or simply enjoy the artistic expression of clothing, this video is a must-watch! Join thousands of fashion enthusiasts and be captivated by the unique style of Camilo Alvarez’s Fortuna collection.

Make sure to click [here](link-to-video) to experience the entire Colombiamoda 2018 runway show presented by Camilo Alvarez.

Don’t forget to follow Camilo Alvarez [@camiloalvarez]( and Inexmoda [@inexmoda](, and show your support to Chevrolet, GatolokoFilms, and Juan Silva for their contributions to this incredible event.

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Imagenes previas a la presentación de la colección Fortuna // Camilo Alvarez // Colombiamoda 2018 // Medellin – Colombia

Video: GatolokoFilms
Foto: Juan Silva
Gracias @inexmoda @Chevrolet
Camilo Álvarez

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