Colombiamoda Fashion Week 2013 Showcased by Studio F

**Colombiamoda 2013 | STUDIO F**

Welcome to Colombiamoda 2013, the premiere fashion week event in Colombia. In its 25th edition, this year’s event showcased the stunning collections of renowned Latin American designers like Francesca Miranda. With influences from London’s punk scene of the 80s and a touch of femininity accentuated with leather-like fabrics and a neutral color palette reminiscent of Autumn/Winter, Colombia’s fashion scene is at the forefront of global trends.

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**Natalia Mejía (Backstage Director)**: Hello, I’m Natalia Mejía, the backstage director at Colombiamoda 2013. Studio F’s urban runway featured hip-hop inspired braided hairstyles and bold smoky eyes.

**Laura Marcela Olaya (Model)**: Hi, my name is Laura Marcela Olaya, I’m 18 years old and I study social communication and journalism. I’ve been waiting for this Colombiamoda for 4 years, hoping it’s the best for everyone.

**Camila Bella (Model)**: Hi, my name is Camila Bella, I’m 17 years old and I’m walking the runway for Studio F. The current fashion trends I’m seeing are vibrant colors, which can be challenging, and the classic black and white. Enjoy Colombiamoda, kisses!

**Luis Salcedo (Creative Director at Studio F)**: Good morning everyone. We’re here on the first day of Colombiamoda 2013. My name is Luis Alfredo and I’m the creative director for Studio F’s jeans line. Along with me is Victoria Anna Simón, our creative director from Spain. She has been with Studio F for about five years and together, we have aimed to capture and resurrect the aesthetics of the 80s, particularly from London. There is a strong sense of femininity, with floral prints fused with a dark rocker touch, and accents of neoprene and leather. The color palette is inspired by winter, with shades of purple, brown, and neutral tones, as well as pops of red.

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Colombiamoda 2013 | STUDIO F

COLOMBIAMODA | La Semana de la Moda de Colombia
Colecciones de diseñadores latinoamericanos de la talla de Francesca Miranda engalanaron la 25ª edición del Fashion Week en la Ciudad de Medellín. Matices de estética punk, desde Londres y desde los 80’s, y mucha femineidad con acentos en cuerinas y una paleta de color muy neutra reminiscente a Otoño Invierno.

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