Colombiamoda Unveils Its Duplicity

### Duplicity’s ColombiaModa 2013 Collection: A Fusion of Colors and Cultures

Discover the captivating collection by Duplicity at ColombiaModa 2013! As one of the invited brands for the prestigious Colombia Diseña project with Falabella, we are thrilled to showcase our unique designs that cater to a wider audience.

In this exclusive event, we will be launching our collection on the runway, and our pieces will be available in the top 5 stores across the country. The fascinating aspect of this collaboration is that each brand brings its distinctive style, appealing to a diverse range of fashion enthusiasts.

For Duplicity, the challenge lies in adapting our designs to the broad clientele of Falabella. We are amazed that fashion is now accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or lifestyle. Our inspiration comes from the rich textiles of Central America and Mexico. We have artfully crafted a series of prints inspired by these cultural references, expertly blending them with our contemporary and urban designs.

Expect a burst of vibrant colors in our short runway show, featuring 10 looks. We have created a stunning fabric-like print, reminiscent of traditional handwoven textiles from Central American countries, which will be beautifully combined with black and denim garments. Our collection represents the essence of Duplicity – urban, versatile, and most importantly, fun!

Join us on July 25th at 12 PM and witness the mesmerizing showcase of Duplicity’s ColombiaModa collection. Stay tuned to Fucsia’s special coverage of the event for an exclusive glimpse into our runway presentation.

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