Cómo pintar diferentes tipos de flores: rosas, tulipanes, margaritas, narcisos, lilis, amapolas y flor de…

**YouTube Video Title: How to Paint Flowers on Fabric | Step-by-Step Tutorial**

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Welcome to this compilation of videos on how to paint flowers on fabric! In this marathon of flower painting, we will show you how to paint a weekly flower planner with various types of flowers. Join us as we explore the world of painting flowers on fabric, including countryside flowers, yellow lilies, colorful poppies, roses, tulips, daisies, and narcissus. We will be using fabric paint on terrycloth napkins with a die-cut edge to create stunning floral designs.

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*Note: The following transcript provides step-by-step instructions on painting flowers on fabric. For a visual demonstration, watch the video above.*

Hello, friends! Welcome to a new video on Painting with Lydia. Today, we will be exploring the art of painting flowers on fabric. In this tutorial, I will guide you through the process of painting a beautiful field flower.

To begin, gather your materials: fabric paint in various colors, a cat’s tongue brush (number 10), and terrycloth napkins with a die-cut edge. For this flower, we will be using lilac as our base color.

Using the cat’s tongue brush, fill the entire flower with the lilac color. Leave the center of the flower blank for now, as that will be our focal point later. Ensure that every petal is evenly coated with the base color.

Next, select a darker shade of paint to add depth to the flower. For beginners, I recommend using cobalt violet. Begin by adding this color to the outer edges of the petals and create curves to give the impression of movement. Remember to vary the direction of the curves for a natural look.

For a more dramatic effect, deepen the color of the petals. Choose a stronger shade, such as purple or aubergine, and apply it to the divisions between the petals. Use a smaller brush (number 8) and a lighter amount of paint for precision.

Now, it’s time to add highlights to make our flower come to life. Select a lighter color, such as lilac baby or white, and begin by adding fine lines to the petals. Lay the brush flat on one side to grip the paint, and gently pull the brush across the petals to create highlights.

For petals that overlap or join together, like in our example, use a slightly different shade of paint to separate them. In this case, I’m using a violet color. Apply a shadow where the petals meet to create depth and definition.

Remember, practice makes perfect. If you’re just starting out, keep the design simple and focus on mastering the basic techniques. With time, you’ll be able to create more intricate and lifelike floral designs.

If you enjoyed this beginner’s class, be sure to check out our other painting tutorials on our YouTube channel. We offer a wide variety of over 60 designs to choose from. For more information on materials, designs, and shipping, please visit our website at [](

Thank you for joining me on this artistic adventure! Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more painting tutorials. Stay creative and happy painting!

Hola! espero te guste esta recopilación de videos de cómo pintar flores en tela. Hicimos este maratón de cómo pintar flores para que encuentres en un solo video cómo pintar el semanario de flores.
Vamos a pintar flores de campo, lilis amarillas, amapolas de colores, rosas, tulipanes, margaritas y narcisos.
Los vamos a pintar en un semanario de flores en sservilletas de tergal con la orilla troquelada.

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  1. Hola Lidia me encanta sus pinturas mi nombre es Blanca vivo en Miami quiero comprar sus diseños quiero comenzar a pintar con ud si pudiera comprarle las pinturas o los pinceles recaerle al presión del consto eso no es problema por favor y gracia por ser tan buena maestra. Saludos Blanca de Miami .

  2. Hola buenos tardes.. estoy viendo este video..el día es 25 de enero del 2023…. espero no estar fuera de cuadro..pues según dicen envían botecitos de pintura.. qué precios tiene uds apartir de los 25 ..xfa una excelente persona y su método de enseñar es muy bueno.. espero este siguiendo con este proyecto

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