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Join us as we go behind the scenes with acclaimed fashion designer Rolando Santana in his NYC Garment District showroom. In this exclusive interview, you’ll not only get a sneak peek of his latest collection for the upcoming fall winter season, but also hear about his most embarrassing fashion disaster.

With a background in small production and a passion for fabrics, Santana’s journey to becoming a notable designer has been an inspiring one. He shares how he started from scratch, learning the ropes of the industry and gaining valuable experience behind established labels. This unique perspective has allowed him to express himself creatively in his own collection, making Combine Couture a rising force in the fashion world.

Santana’s fall collection is the result of meticulous craftsmanship and a deep understanding of his customers’ desires. Despite starting the business during a challenging time, he has managed to build a strong team that has made the journey enjoyable. Each piece is designed to be not only beautiful but also comfortable, offering the perfect balance of style and functionality.

The collection takes inspiration from the vibrant and diverse streets of New York City, catering to the modern woman who knows how to balance her professional life and active nightlife. From elegant dresses that can be dressed up or down with the right accessories, to versatile pieces perfect for travel, Santana has created a line that celebrates individuality and self-expression.

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*Note: This video transcript has been edited for clarity and brevity.*

Combine Couture takes you behind the scenes with fashion designer, Rolando Santana in his NYC Garment District showroom. During this interview you’ll get a preview of his latest collection AND get to hear about his most embarrassing fashion disaster.
Rolando Santana

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