Complete Interview with Rolando Santana and Merge Couture

# **Behind the Scenes with Fashion Designer Rolando Santana in NYC**

Welcome to Combine Couture, where we take you behind the scenes with renowned fashion designer, Rolando Santana, in his exclusive NYC Garment District showroom. In this engaging interview, you’ll not only get a sneak peek at Santana’s latest collection, but also get to hear about his most embarrassing fashion disaster that he wishes had never been photographed.

*Location:* NYC Garment District
*Fashion Designer:* Rolando Santana
*Interviewer:* Heather Marie

![Rolando Santana](authority-link)

### **Fashion Designer and Interviews**

At Combine Couture, we are passionate about exploring the world of fashion design and bringing you exclusive interviews with top industry figures. Join us as we delve deep into the creative minds of fashion designers and uncover the stories behind their stunning collections. In this episode, Rolando Santana shares his unique journey, personal fashion disasters, and early inspirations.

### **Embarrassing Fashion Moments and Creativity**

We all have those cringe-worthy fashion moments that we look back on and wonder what we were thinking. Santana opens up about one such moment in his career, where he designed a denim jacket with fringe that stretched across the entire bag. To top it off, he even created denim boots to match!

As he reminisces about this flamboyant ensemble, Santana acknowledges that while he might feel embarrassed looking back, it was a true expression of his creativity. His parents, who have always been supportive of his talent, were extremely proud at the time. Check out the video to find out more about this unforgettable fashion disaster!

### **Fashion Memories and Inspirations**

For Santana, fashion has been a lifelong passion. He credits his earliest fashion memories to his close bond with his mother, whom he spent countless hours with in fabric stores. Whether she was draping fabric or cutting patterns, Santana was always by her side, eager to explore the world of textiles.

Playing with fabric and envisioning unique concepts for his collections became a fun playdate for Santana. His mom’s passion for textiles ignited a spark within him that still burns bright today. Discover how these childhood experiences shaped Santana’s creative journey by watching the full video!

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Combine Couture takes you behind the scenes with fashion designer, Rolando Santana in his NYC Garment District showroom. During this interview you’ll get a preview of his latest collection AND get to hear about his most embarrassing fashion disaster.
Rolando Santana

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