Confession of Tanya Moss at El Palacio de Hierro – 2012

# Exclusive Interview with Jewelry Designer Tanya Moss: Inspiration and Creativity

In this exclusive interview, Tanya Moss, renowned designer and creator of a jewelry brand sold in El Palacio de Hierro, talks about her inspiration and creative process. Moss has been designing for 16 years, and it took her a process of trial and error to get to where she is today.

As part of her commitment to supporting Mexican artisans and promoting local production, Moss insists on producing all her pieces in Mexico, paying attention to every detail in the creation process. She draws inspiration from Mexico’s rich culture, beautiful scenery, fascinating traditions, and mouth-watering cuisine.

Moss’ pieces are timeless, with metals and materials of the highest quality. The jewelry is designed to be worn daily, reflecting the imagination and personality of its wearer.

Watch the interview to hear Moss’ fascinating insights into the world of jewelry design, and take a peek into the mind of a true artist.

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En exclusiva, la diseñadora Tanya Moss nos habla sobre qué la inspira y su marca de joyería, de venta en El Palacio de Hierro.

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  1. Excelente, gracias a exitosas diseñadoras de joyas como Tania Moss es como México ha vuelto a ser el primer productor de plata del mundo, desde 2010 … todo por esta increíble disciplina llamada DISEÑO.

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