Conflictos escolares: Promoviendo una convivencia pacífica en el territorio escolar.

**Title:** Understanding the Impact of Discrimination and Violence on Young People


In this thought-provoking video, we delve into the unsettling reality of how young individuals often resort to discrimination and violence as a means to tackle their problems. These unhealthy coping mechanisms have given rise to numerous conflicts and a toxic phenomenon commonly known as “matoneo,” where authorities such as teachers, law enforcement, and parents find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of inaction.

As we explore this issue from various angles, we aim to shed light on the detrimental effects faced by young people who experience discrimination and violence as a method of self-resolution. By examining the underlying factors and implications of this behavior, we hope to foster greater awareness and encourage a shift towards more constructive approaches in resolving conflicts among youths.

Keywords/Tags: MOV02656, discrimination, violence, problem-solving, conflicts, matoneo

*Sources and research to support this video:*

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este video esta en focado en como las jovenes toman la discriminacion y violencia como metodo de solucion a sus problemas por eso hay tantas riñas y mas conocido como matoneo don de las autoridades ( docentes,autoridades y padres de familia)dentran a un circulo vicioso en donde optan por no hacer nada
Diana Beltrán

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