Continuing the Journey: Crafting a Nerikomi Tall Cup (Part 2) – From Trimming to Completion

**Title:** Creating Beautiful Agateware Pottery: From Trimming to Glazing and Firing | Saorim Stoneware

**Description:** Welcome to Saorim Stoneware’s mesmerizing video tutorial on creating stunning agateware pottery. Join us as we take you through the entire process, from trimming to glazing and firing, all without the need for bisque firing.

In this video, we showcase the art of handcrafting and throwing pottery on a potter’s wheel, incorporating mesmerizing marbling techniques using mason stains. Witness the skillful application of an exquisite transparent glaze, enhancing the beauty of the finished pieces.

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*Previous Process:* [Watch here](

**Video Transcript:**

Continuing from the trimming process, we now move on to putting our logo on the pottery. Additionally, we carefully trim the rim of the cup to refine its form and aesthetics.

Next, we proceed to stir the transparent glaze thoroughly and expertly apply it to the pottery. Even with transparent glazes, they can enhance the impression of the finished piece, bringing out its unique characteristics.

To conserve electricity and enhance thermal efficiency, we utilize innovative loading techniques in the kiln. Every inch of space is maximized, ensuring efficient firing and reducing energy consumption.

Finally, after an intricate firing process, our agateware pottery is complete. While there are always improvements to be made, these prototypes showcase our craftsmanship and dedication. Thank you for watching!

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Previous Process:

This part is from trimming to glazing and firing to completion. The pieces will be glazed on greenware without bisque firing.

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