Conversation + Dinner with fashion designer Gloria Coelho

**Title: In Conversation with Gloria Coelho: The Future of Fashion and Sustainability**

**Description:** Join us as we sit down with the iconic Brazilian fashion designer, Gloria Coelho, for an exclusive interview about the latest fashion trends and the importance of sustainability in the industry. Discover why Gloria is considered one of the most influential creators in the fashion world, alongside brands like Chanel and Dior. Learn about her futuristic approach to design and how her inclusive fashion has stood the test of time. Don’t miss this chance to hear from Gloria herself as she shares her insights on fashion in 2020 and the steps she is taking to create a more sustainable future. Watch now to gain a glimpse into the world of Gloria Coelho, the only Brazilian designer who has made it to the league of fashion greats.

**Keywords/Tags:** Gloria Coelho, fashion designer, Brazilian fashion, sustainability, inclusive fashion, fashion trends, future of fashion, Chanel, Dior

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Gloria Coelho

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