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Discover the Effective 7-15 Day Treatment Experience with Dr. Alejandra Quesada and Dr. Eliana San Juan

Are you looking for an effective skincare treatment? Join us as we explore the incredible results of a 7-15 day treatment with renowned dermatologists, Dr. Alejandra Quesada and Dr. Eliana San Juan.

**About Dr. Alejandra Quesada:**
Dr. Alejandra Quesada is a respected dermatologist based in Costa Rica. With a passion for educating her patients about skincare, she recently opened her Instagram page to share valuable insights about skin health. As a dermatologist who develops cosmetic products, Dr. Quesada personally tests every product on herself or her family before recommending them to patients. This dedication ensures that she provides trustworthy recommendations to her patients.

**Unveiling the 7-15 Day Treatment Experience:**
In this video, Dr. Quesada shares her personal experience with a unique skincare experiment. She decided to treat only half of her face to compare the effectiveness of the treatment. After just 7 days, she was amazed by the noticeable difference in the reduction of expression lines, improved hydration, enhanced luminosity, and minimized pores. The results were stunning, and she highly recommends this treatment to her patients.

**Introducing Dr. Alejandra Quesada:**
Dr. Alejandra Quesada is a highly qualified dermatologist who completed her studies at the University of Costa Rica. She practices at the National Hospital of Geriatrics and Gerontology, as well as the Clinica Biblica de Pozos de Santa Anna. In 2016, she specialized in the Melanoma Unit at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. She is an esteemed member of the Costa Rican Dermatologists Association and excels in both cosmetic and clinical dermatology.*

**Witnessing Spectacular Results:**
The transformation in Dr. Quesada’s skin left her astounded. Not only did her colleagues notice the change, but even strangers approached her to inquire about her remarkable skincare routine. By treating only one side of her face, she was able to highlight the dramatic effects of the treatment compared to the untreated side. This experiment reinforces the importance of a comprehensive skincare routine and the need for different products to effectively address various skin concerns.

**Unveiling the 7-15 Day Treatment Protocol:**
Dr. Quesada reveals the steps she followed in this intriguing skincare protocol. As she has combination skin, she prefers lightweight products such as gels and serums. Antioxidants play a key role in her skincare routine, and she highly recommends a specific antioxidant serum that she personally uses and prescribes to her patients. After applying the serum, she follows it up with a gentle yet effective cream and an eye contour product. The high-quality ingredients in these products, such as vitalized ferulic acid and Antarcticine, contribute to the noticeable improvement in skin luminosity and overall health.

**Taking Skincare to the Next Level:**
Skincare isn’t just for women. Dr. Quesada advocates for men to prioritize their skincare routine as well. Skincare is not just about cosmetics; it is a preventive measure for maintaining healthy skin. Regardless of age or gender, everyone can benefit from a solid skincare routine.

**Dr. Alejandra Quesada: Expertise Beyond Cosmetics**
Dr. Quesada’s expertise extends beyond cosmetics. In addition to her skincare recommendations, she is also well-versed in skin cancer detection and surgical procedures. Her multifaceted approach to dermatology ensures her patients receive comprehensive care that addresses all their skincare needs.

Are you ready to experience the incredible results of an effective 7-15 day skincare treatment? Join Dr. Quesada and Dr. San Juan as they guide you through this transformative journey. Don’t miss out on achieving healthy and radiant skin.

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Descubre la experiencia de tratamiento eficaz en 7 y 15 dias, con la Dra. Alejandra Quesada y la Dra. Eliana San Juan.
Alejandra Quesada

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