Crafting Miniature Accessories for Baby Dolls: 12 DIY Hacks for Cradles, Strollers, and More

# DIY Miniature Mermaid Dollhouse for Your Baby Doll

Are you looking for a creative and handmade project to make for your baby doll? Look no further than LaLiLu’s DIY Miniature Mermaid Dollhouse! In this video tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a variety of adorable and functional items for your baby doll, including:

– A beautiful wedding dress and veil
– A gel foam mattress and bunk bed
– A stroller with matching bag
– An adorable high chair and baby bottle
– A lighthouse shelf for toy storage
– A baby mobile made from ocean decorations

All you need are some basic supplies and tools, like hot glue, scissors, foam paper, and acrylic paint. You can follow along step-by-step with this video to create a mermaid-themed paradise for your baby doll.

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DIY Miniature Dollhouse in a Shoebox:
Mermaid doll is waiting for the baby. Prepare everything for a newborn. Rather see ideas and life hacks in our new video.

Supplies and tools
• hot glue gun
• scissors
• utility knife
• empty lotion bottle
• popsicle sticks
• foam paper of different colors
• patterned paper
• LED light
• silvery cord
• white leather cord
• fish-shaped buttons
• coffee stirrers
• wooden sticks
• sponge
• cotton fabric
• lace fabric
• ocean decorations
• decorative webbing ribbon
• acrylic paint
• Styrofoam from phone packaging
• pompom trim
• empty food container
• sequin ribbon
• cocktail umbrella
• ship decoration
• Orbeez
• waterproof fabric and lining
• light clay
• craft wire and pliers
• metal pendants
• wooden and ceramic beads
• satin ribbon
• 3 shells
• glass pebble
• craft wire
• sea stones
• athletic fabric
• tulle
• rhinestones
• velvet ribbon
• plain hairclip
• super glue
• decorative shell
• sparkly tulle
• packaging plastic wrap
• slime
• glitter
• double-sided tape

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