Creating a Basic-Level Clay Figurine of Lord Shiva Using Air Dry Clay – Sculpture #39

**Title: 100 Days Challenge: Creating an Air Dry Clay Lord Shiva Figurine | Day 39**

Join me on this enthralling 100-day journey of sculpting and molding with air dry clay! In this exciting episode, I present to you the magnificent Lord Shiva figurine that I meticulously crafted on Day 39. With keywords like “air dry clay,” “clay figurine,” and “Lord Shiva,” this video delves into the creative process behind bringing a divine deity to life using this versatile medium.


Greetings, my fellow art enthusiasts! On this captivating adventure, I have undertaken the ambitious challenge of sculpting basic level clay figurines for 100 consecutive days. Today marks the 39th day, and I am thrilled to unveil my latest masterpiece – an awe-inspiring depiction of Lord Shiva.

Using the incredible properties of air dry clay, I meticulously shaped every intricate detail of this divine sculpture. From Shiva’s serene and commanding expression to the flowing tresses and auspicious third eye, this figurine truly captures the essence of the powerful deity.

As the soft and pliable clay took form, I embraced the art of sculpting, honoring the rich symbolism associated with Lord Shiva. This video serves as a testament to the rewards of patience, dedication, and creativity. Witness the magic unfold as I bring this sacred icon of Hinduism to life with every gentle touch.

If you are passionate about art, sculpture, or exploring new artistic mediums, this video is a must-watch. Delve into the fascinating world of air dry clay, as I unveil my artistic process and share valuable tips and techniques along the way.

So, come embark on this remarkable journey with me and witness the evolution of my artistry. Together, let us celebrate the divine grace of Lord Shiva through this captivating clay figurine. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and share this video with fellow art aficionados.

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Planned to do basic level clay figurine for 100 days. Day #39 lord Shiva
Mani Maalai

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