Creating a Pallas Cat Art Doll: My Impressive Achievement

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In this video, I will be showcasing a recent commission I just finished, a Pallas cat doll. I will take you through the process of sculpting the head using Sculpey clay and glass eyes. I’ll also discuss the different types of armatures used and provide tips for working with clay.

Throughout the video, I’ll explain the steps I took to create the features and expression of the Pallas cat. I’ll show you the texture I added to the face and discuss the importance of priming before painting. You’ll see how I painted the nose and added fur to the doll, using a fur pattern that perfectly matches the Pallas cat’s fur.

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Please check out my FAQ on my website
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FTC Disclaimer: This video is NOT sponsored. All opinions are my own as will always be. Links may be affiliate.Pallas

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