Creating Adorable Bento Boxes

# Making Coot Bento Boxes for the Fam – Motherhood Prep!
Welcome to my kitchen, where I’m getting creative and making some coot bento boxes for my family! As I prepare myself to become the mother of two adopted children, I want to be able to make them moma-worthy lunches. Now, I’m not the greatest cook, but it was a lot of fun to try something new and make food for my mom and brother.

In this video, I’ll show you step by step how to make these adorable bento boxes. Plus, I’ll share some inspiration from people who are much better at bento box creations than me!

**Check out these amazing bento box artists:**
– [Rilakkuma box](
– [Sulheejessica](TikTok: @sulheejessica)
– [Bento box how-to](

If you’re interested, you can also [shop my presets]( to add a touch of magic to your photos!

**Music:** To set the mood, I’ve used music from [Louie Zong](

– How old am I? 18!
– Am I Vietnamese? Heck yeah!
– What editor do I use? iMovie, like a plebian!
– What camera do I use? The Canon G7x Mark II.

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– Instagram: [WithLoveLinh](
– Twitter: [WideEyedStars](
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For business inquiries, please contact [email protected].

Remember to stay safe, loves, and let’s make the most of this social distancing time by chilling and getting creative in the kitchen! Thanks for watching!

making some coot bento boxes for the fam so I can prepare myself to be the mother of two adopted children who makes them moma-worthy lunches. I am a very mediocre cook, but it was a lot of fun to get creative and make food for my mom and brother. hope you guys are chilling while social distancing, and stay safe, loves!

signing off,

thanks for watching!

people who are much better at bento boxes than me:

rilakkuma box –
@sulheejessica – on tiktok
bento box how-to –

s h o p m y p r e s e t s !

m u s i c

f a q’ s
how old are you? 18!
are you vietnamese? heck yeah!
what editor do you use? iMovie, like a plebian!
what camera do you use? the canon g7x mark ii.

s o c i a l m e d i a
spotify: woodlandspirits

business inquiries: [email protected]

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Written by linh truong


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  1. I am indian so I’m technically Asian, but we don’t make rice with rice cooker we cook it on the stove with water and rice so it’s completely different 😅

  2. As an Italian the idea of putting fruit in contact with meat and salty stuff is ~terrifying~ anyway you seem so happy in this video thanks for the vibesss <3

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