Creating Beautiful Flower Beds with Impeccable Edges

Hey guys, I’m Jamison from Rogue Engineer and in today’s video, we’re going outside of the workshop to show you how to create beautiful flower beds without using any type of edging!

When we built our barn, we didn’t do much landscaping around it, but we decided to dress it up with a new flower bed. It may seem like a big job, but we found a few ways to speed up the process and achieve the perfect transition between the lawn and beds.

To start, we dug a trench to create crisp and clean lines for the garden bed. We used an edger to cut a straight line after measuring it out with a tape measure and some spray paint. Then, we used a spade shovel to remove the sod in a six-foot-wide trench. Instead of completely removing the grass in the garden bed, we used a string trimmer to trim it down and covered it with a weed barrier to kill it while keeping the topsoil intact.

For quick and easy planting, we used an auger to drill holes for the plants. Then, we laid a weed mat over the flower beds and cut holes for the plants to go in. Before planting, we added some fertilizer to help the plants get established and packed the soil around them to ensure there were no gaps. Finally, we added mulch and some annuals for added color.

You don’t need plastic edging to create a barrier between your flower beds and lawn. By simply digging out the edge and tapering the flower bed back into the lawn, you can prevent grass from growing into your flower bed.

If you want to learn more about the techniques and tools we used in this video, check out the written post on our website: [Adding Flower Beds and Getting the Perfect Edge](

We used some tools from Ryobi, including the [Ryobi 40V String Trimmer]( with the [Ryobi Edger Attachment](, [Ryobi 40V Auger](, and [Ryobi HP Drill]( We also used a [Garden Auger Bit]( for drilling holes. Check out the [Ryobi 40V HP Tools]( for more information on these powerful tools.

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When we built our barn we didn’t do much in the way of landscaping around the barn. We just planted grass right up to the side of the building. Since this is one of the first things you see when you pull in the driveway we decided to dress it up with a new flower bed. This seems like a big job and it is, but we were able to do a few things to speed the process up as well as get the perfect transition between the lawn and beds WITHOUT using any type of edging!

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  1. They will show this beautiful after picture with the black mulch and no weeds. however the weeds will still be able to grow through the mat depends what kind grows in your area. not to mention with the way grass grows it can have the rhizomes below the weed fabric sprout. the mulch after about 6-12 months will decompose enough for weeds to use it as a growing medium. not to mention that wood mulch is not as good as pine needles or oak leaves at preventing weeds. the correct way to do it is to use a plant that is a ground cover, in Florida that would be dune sunflower or mimosa and that would function as the mulch. both low maintenance drought tolerant. the plants installed then require trimming usually. then the home owner wants the leaves raked.

  2. Damn… You made this look so much easier than I was expecting. I thought I had to dig up all the dirt along the side of my house. I didn't realize I could just put landscape fabric down and build on top of that. Wicked!

  3. I would never use weed mat. Then the soil can never be amended. I turn the sod upside down and put a thick layer of wood chips from the town(free) on top and reapply annually.

  4. I must have had someone do this in my yard because about 8-10" underneath the weeds and clover there's disgusting old plastic everywhere. Anyone who does this belongs in jail, it looks terrible, terrible for the environment. Bad, masculine design

  5. Should have loosened up the root balls on those plants before planting them ..the roots won't spread properly and will grow in a circle pattern in the hole and will eventually choke the plants.

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