Creating Japanese-style wall hanging vases

* **Title:** Making Japanese Wall Hanging Vases | O’Hara Flower Arranging Process
* **Description:**
In this captivating video, join Steve, a talented potter in Japan, as he unveils the mesmerizing process of creating two stunning Japanese wall hanging vases. From start to finish, witness the intricate art of O’Hara flower arranging and gain insights into the life of a potter in Japan.

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Hey there! Welcome back to [Pottery Creations]( I’m Steve, and today we have a special treat for you – the making of cabin khaki, which is a wall hanging vase. In fact, we’ll be making two of them.

Since the weather is scorching hot today, I’ll be able to turn and fire them tomorrow, and within a few days, we should have the final result. So, let’s dive right into it!

For this design, I’ve chosen a unique teardrop shape, with three small teardrops descending along the sides. Originally, I planned to use glass for this, using a cuttlefish technique I discovered at the beach. However, working with glass proved to be quite challenging for me, as I’m not an expert in that craft. So, I decided to use pieces of driftwood instead, which I believe will add a charming touch to the vases. Mixing media in this way shouldn’t pose any issues.

As for the hanging mechanism, I purchased a small bracket from a reputable Japanese metalworking foundry. These products are top-notch in Japan, and this bracket is no exception. It’s a simple and straightforward design – it clips in through a hole in the back of the vase, allowing for easy hanging on a wall. Look at that, it hangs perfectly!

While shaping the vase, I need to leave a generous amount of clay at the bottom, as I’ll be rounding it later on. So, right now, I’m compressing the top to remove excess water and pulling it a bit higher for the desired look.

Voila! The first vase is complete. Take a close look, and let me know what you think.

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See how two japanese wall hanging vases are made, the full process including the flower arranging in O’Hara style! life as a potter in Japan

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  1. Following in Instagram too. Thanks for sharing this lovely video. I struggle finding tools and materials for my crafts because of the lack of Japanese and reading Kanji.

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