Creating the AV23 Runway Show – Behind the Scenes with Lenny Niemeyer

# AV23 Lenny Niemeyer: Fashion Collection “Powers of Ten”

AV23 by Lenny Niemeyer is a collection that draws inspiration from the macro and microcosms of our universe. The collection is a reflection of Charles and Ray Eames’ 1977 video “Powers of Ten”. The concept of the collection is to take the viewer on a journey through the silent spaces that embrace both galaxies and atoms in their never-ending orbits.

The collection is made up of monochromatic looks, contrasting the tranquility of silent spaces with the occasional pop of neon and beam of light colors. With the collaboration with the fashion designer, Leandro Benites, the feminine delicacy of the brand blends seamlessly with the retro-futuristic elements, creating a perfect harmony of nature and technology.

The AV23 collection is a combination of art, architecture and fashion. Lenny’s association with the natural world is evident in the intricate floral and botanical patterns, intricate shapes and lines that make up the collection. Every piece in the collection is a form of creative expression that continues to inspire color, texture, and print.

On the runway, Lenny showcased all kinds of beauty with models displaying sophistication and elegance. Every woman is welcome to the collection, as the fashion industry continues to embrace all forms of diversity and inclusivity.

Watch the video for a glimpse of the graceful and unforgettable “Powers of Ten” collection.

– [AV23 Lenny Niemeyer](
– [Charles and Ray Eames’ 1977 video “Powers of Ten”](
– [Leandro Benites](

“O Desfile de AV23 de Lenny Niemeyer faz uma reflexão sobre a proximidade do macro e microcosmos. Inspirada pelo vídeo “Powers of Ten” de 1977 de Charles e Ray Eames, a coleção passeia pelos espaços silenciosos que abraçam tanto galáxias como átomos em suas órbitas infinitas. Este silêncio, refletido em looks monocromáticos, contrasta com a presença pontual de neon e estampas de feixes de luz e cores. As formas misturam a feminilidade e a delicadeza elegante da marca com referências retro futuristas vindas da colaboração com o estilista Leandro Benites, num mix entre natureza e tecnologia.”Lenny Niemeyer

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