Creating the Perfect Homemade Bento Box: Unleashing its Ultimate Potential

**A Bento Box: The Ultimate Guide and Recipe**

In this YouTube video, I will show you my favorite way to make a Bento Box, a meal that offers a variety of flavors and ingredients in one single meal. Bento boxes are the perfect solution for those who struggle with making decisions on what to eat. With this recipe, you can customize your Bento Box with different proteins, starches, vegetables, and sauces.

**Here are the items I used in this recipe:**

1. [Tamagoyaki Pan]( – I used this pan to make the traditional Japanese rolled omelette called Tamagoyaki.
2. [Bento Box]( – This is the Bento Box I used to serve the meal. It has five compartments and a stylish Japanese design.

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A Bento Box gives you all the variety you could ever want in a single meal, and I am going to show you my favorite way to make it.

Tamagoyaki Pan I Used:

Bento Box I Used:

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Written by Joshua Weissman


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  1. … that’s… the most… terrible form factor to a bento box I’ve ever seen, you mixed the vegetables for who gives a fuck while also separating the rice and meat to not get the rice mixed with the bread crumbs making the rice next level… honestly it’s pretty right that you made a bento like that

  2. I would be surprised if your cook book is super popular… Your food looks beautiful but, the recipe is too complicated. I've been watching for years but, have NEVER TRIED ONE OF YOUR RECIPES… And I'm an amazing cook!

  3. Are you supposed to rinse the cucumbers after the salt/sugar soak? I feel like you should, or they'll be SO SALTY. And not in a pleasent soysauce kind of way, but in a gag kind of way.

  4. I love watching your videos, every food you make looks so damn delicious that I wish to jump through the phone screen and steal it so I can just eat it all.

  5. Oh Joshua Weissman, your videos make me SO hungry! I am learning how to make some better food though. Thank you so much for your contribution to my culinary delights! Blessed Be!

  6. Joshua is diabolical. This meal would take seasoned chefs 2-3 hours to produce. That’s assuming you have all the ingredients available. As a cook, he shows everything as being easy and inconsequential. I know the level of effort to produce this seemingly easy bento box. Set aside an afternoon to make this at home. It’s great food made with passion, but you’ll have to put in the time.

  7. Papa I adore your videos and your recipes, but for the love of people far away from the marvels of technology, pleeeease make a tutorial for your perfect rice without a rice cooker. I just can't afford one + the delivery + the adapter, and big stores here don't sell the cool ones 🙁 only the cheap things that cover your rice with teflon scrappings at the first use

  8. Your kitchen equipment philosophy seems to be the antithesis of Alton Brown’s. While he abhors a unitasker, you seem to insist upon them with abandon. With some of the equipment and techniques you call for in your videos, I really question if you are even trying to make food meant for an average home cook to replicate or just trying to flex by showing you’re a true professional.

  9. Why on earth does he use vegetable oil for coating food (the salmon, broccoli) before grilling? Why not a healthier neutral oil, or even olive oil?

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