Cris Barros collaborates with Riachuelo for a video campaign

**Video Description:**

Welcome to Cris Barros’ fashion campaign video for Riachuelo, a renowned clothing store chain. In this collection, the designer showcases a range of practical and stylish pieces that are perfect for your everyday fashion-forward looks.

From the blend of leather and faux furs to worn-out sweatshirts and knits, Cris Barros effortlessly combines different textures and fabrics. The silk, although not 100% pure, and the chamois, also not 100% authentic, provide a luxurious and soft touch.

As you explore the collection, you’ll find an efficient selection of accessories, including small bags and low-calf boots. Cris Barros’ designs are focused on simplicity while keeping functionality in mind.

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Feel inspired by Cris Barros’ fashion vision and get ready to enhance your wardrobe with these stunning pieces. Don’t miss out on the latest trends showcased in this video – grab your favorite Cris Barros collection items now!

*For more information about the collection and to shop the looks, visit Riachuelo’s website: [Riachuelo](*

*Source: [Cris Barros Fashion Campaign for Riachuelo](*

Vídeo da campanha da coleção da estilista Cris Barros para a rede lojas de moda Riachuelo.

As peças são extremamente práticas, perfeitas para o dia a dia (aliás, diga-se, um dia a dia bem fashion) e misturam o couro e as peles falsas a moletons e malhas desgastadas. A seda, que não é 100% seda e o chamois, que também não é 100% chamois, possuem toque macio. A linha de acessórios é enxuta, mas eficiente: são poucas peças entre bolsas pequenas e botas de cano baixo.
Cris Barros

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