CRISTIANO RONALDO: Fashion Designer and Creator – 62 Podcast #42

**62 Podcast – Interview with Ronaldo Braga: Exploring the World of Fashion and Life’s Lessons**

Welcome to the 62 Podcast! In this episode, we have the honor of hosting renowned Brazilian fashion designer Ronaldo Braga. With his unique style and contributions to the fashion industry, Ronaldo has provided numerous opportunities for aspiring designers, including winners of our podcast. Born in 1967 and having graduated from the first fashion design and clothing remodeling course at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Ronaldo’s journey is truly inspiring.

During the pandemic, Ronaldo engaged with his audience through daily live sessions where he shared his love for coffee and converse about his passions. This revealed a different side of Ronaldo that people had not previously seen. Prior to this, he was admired by many for his work and creations, offering a glimpse into his creative mind.

The pandemic allowed Ronaldo to reinforce his beliefs and embrace the notion of living with urgency. He strongly believes that death is ever-present, and with the pandemic, the awareness of mortality became more apparent. This realization fueled Ronaldo’s sense of urgency to make the most of every day.

Additionally, Ronaldo’s coffee sessions provided him with an opportunity to rediscover his love for literature and engage with different personalities through their biographies. As an avid reader of Brazilian biographies, this became a vital part of his formative years. As he would chat with his followers, the topics expanded beyond fashion and generated interest from a broader audience. It allowed Ronaldo to emerge as more than just a fashion designer and share his passion for literature and Brazilian music.

Ronaldo’s dedication to storytelling and his genuine interest in people shine through as he shares stories of real-life experiences. With everyone being confined to their homes, he believes that the pandemic brought people closer together in a unique way. He aimed to provide a sense of hope and optimism amidst the dark and uncertain times.

During his conversations, Ronaldo often found himself reminiscing about past encounters and experiences. These impromptu discussions became therapeutic for him, a way to heal his personal pain. To his surprise, his audience resonated deeply with his content, with messages pouring in from individuals who found solace in his discussions while doing everyday tasks like cleaning and cooking.

Join us as Ronaldo Braga offers a glimpse into his inspiring journey, shares his love for storytelling, and provides valuable insights into the world of fashion.

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