Crochet pour débutant(e)s – Série de bases

# Learning the Basics of Crochet

If you’re new to crochet, this video series is perfect for you! In this series, we’ll cover the basics of the art of crochet and get you started on your crochet journey.

To help you along the way, we’ve created a Facebook page where you can connect with other crocheters and ask any questions you may have. [Femme Algerienne Authentique]( is a great resource for inspiration and support.

Some of the topics we’ll cover in this series include:
– The magic circle
– Different types of stitches
– Reading a pattern
– Tips and tricks for successful crocheting

So grab your hook and yarn, and let’s get started!

### Keywords/tags:

*Transcript not provided as it appears to be nonsensical and not related to the content of the video.*

********تطبيق*******pratique ***********

أقترح عليكم/عليكن هذه السلسلة الأولى لتعلم أساسيات فن الكروشي

Je vous propose cette première série pour apprendre les bases de l’art du crochet

Je mets à votre disposition notre page facebook

أضع تحت تصرفكم/تصرفكن صفحتنا على الفايسبوك
Fatima-Zahra Biaz.

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