CUADRA y Simple: Trista at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week México

[CUADRA]( and [Simple by Trista]( designers collaborated to showcase their new collection at the [Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week]( on April 4th. Watch as they take over the runway with their stunning fashion creations.

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In this video, we have Giovanni Estrada and José Alfredo Silva from the brand Simple by Trista. They discuss the inspiration behind their latest collection, “Symbol by Trista”, which takes a more urban and lively approach. This collection marks a significant milestone as it is the first time Simple by Trista presents a complete collection on the runway.

The color palette of this collection is exquisite, featuring earthy tones and blacks. The decision behind these colors was influenced by the materials used in the collection, which were carefully selected from Kaltex. The collaboration with CUADRA in footwear also played a vital role in finding the perfect exterior match for the outfits.

Materials such as gabardine, denim, silk, and leather were used to create this unique collection. The transition from the boxing ring to the runway brought a different energy to their presentations. While the boxing ring added a personal touch, the runway provides a fast-paced environment that allows the product to shine and be perfectly illuminated.

Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of fashion at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Mexico. Experience the allure of CUADRA and Simple by Trista as they captivate audiences with their extraordinary creations.

*Note: This video is in Spanish.*

– [Simple by Trista](
– [Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week](

CUADRA en colaboración con los diseñadores Simple by Trista participaron en el Mercedez Benz Fashion Week el pasado 4 de Abril

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