¿Cuáles son algunas formas de incrementar la producción de leche materna?

**Title: Increase Breast Milk Production Naturally | Tips and Recommendations from a Lactation Specialist**


Are you looking for ways to increase your breast milk production? In this informative video, nurse and lactation specialist Ana María Gómez shares valuable tips and recommendations.

One important factor in increasing breast milk supply is the effective suction of the baby while breastfeeding. When the baby has a proper latch and effective suction, your body responds by producing more milk.

During the breastfeeding period, it is crucial to maintain a balanced diet and stay well-hydrated. Breastfeeding requires a high caloric expenditure, and the hormone oxytocin can cause increased thirst. So make sure to nourish your body and drink plenty of fluids.

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*Transcript of the Video:*
“Hello, I’m Ana María, a nurse, lactation consultant, and specialist in multiple lactation techniques. Today, we will discuss the foods and drinks that can help increase breast milk production.

While it is essential to eat well and stay hydrated during breastfeeding due to the high caloric expenditure, the only factor that truly boosts milk production is the effective suction of the baby. When you latch your baby correctly and have a proper breastfeeding session, your body responds by producing and releasing more milk for your little one.

There have been no definitive studies showing that specific foods or drinks can significantly increase milk supply. So, trust your body, have confidence in yourself, and keep doing what you’re doing for your baby. You’re doing a great job!

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Lo único que aumenta la producción de leche materna es la succión del bebé, porque cuando la succión es efectiva hace que tu cuerpo genere más leche, nos cuenta la enfermera, asesora en lactancia y especialista Ana María Gómez.

La enfermera Gómez nos recomienda, durante la época de lactancia, alimentarse muy bien porque hay un gasto calórico e hidratarse lo suficiente porque la oxitocina produce sed.


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