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## Kultur-Tipp – 3K: Bringing the Best of Fall Music to Dreikönigstraße

Welcome to 3K, located in the heart of Dreikönigstraße, where we dive headfirst into the magic of autumn. Join us as we delve into the world of music and discover what this season has in store for us!

In this video, we caught up with the planning committee to get a sneak peek at the upcoming events. As part of our “5K: Kunst und Kultur” series, we have curated a captivating lineup of performances, guaranteed to keep you entertained until the end of the year. Get ready for our thrilling Open Stage on Thursdays, a night of Karaoke on Fridays, and unforgettable live music on Saturdays.

Highlight: “Johnny Trouble” and “Jolly” have graced our stage with their incredible talent. Join us this November for an extraordinary performance that will leave you wanting more.

Exciting Bonus: We are giving away a CD! Don’t miss your chance to win this fantastic prize.

And that’s not all! We’ve got something special for all the karaoke enthusiasts out there. Every Friday, be prepared to unleash your inner superstar at Kid’s Karaoke. Thanks to our collaboration with the professional music band “Erika” from Stuttgart, we have a state-of-the-art sound system with a selection of over 650,000 titles. With talents shining bright on the stage, it’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your favorite tunes and enjoy an unforgettable evening.

Join us starting from October 29th at 8 PM for an enchanting night filled with music, passion, and fantastic performances. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of something extraordinary.

So mark your calendars and come on over to 3K, where memorable moments await! Let your voice be heard and become a part of our vibrant music scene. We can’t wait to see you there!

Don’t forget to check out the video above to dive deeper into the details of our exciting autumn lineup.

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