Cutler/Paola Hernandez makes a splash at NYFW Spring 2014

**Jenny Balding Achieves Soft yet Strong Look for Paola Hernandez at NYFW Spring 2014**

In this behind-the-scenes video, professional hair stylist Jenny Balding showcases her techniques for creating a soft yet strong hair look for the Paola Hernandez presentation at NYFW Spring 2014. Leveraging the power of Redken products, Jenny styles the models with a sleek aesthetic while adding an edgy twist with a tight, center braid[^1^].

To achieve this stunning look, Jenny starts by prepping the hair with Redken’s smoothing straightening balm, applying it all the way through to create a silky straight texture[^2^]. Then, she incorporates a braid in the mohawk section, adding strength and dimension to the overall style[^1^]. As shown in the video, Jenny executes a reverse braid technique at the back, keeping the look strong and polished[^1^]. The final result perfectly complements the flowy and contemporary clothes designed by Paola Hernandez[^1^].

To recreate this look at home, the essential products include Redken’s smoothing straightening balm and Cutler’s Flyway stick[^2^]. These powerful styling tools will help you achieve a glossy, smooth finish while maintaining the desired soft yet strong effect[^2^].

Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, hairstylist, or simply curious about behind-the-scenes beauty at NYFW, this video is a must-watch. Join Jenny Balding as she masters the art of creating a hair look that combines strength and softness in perfect harmony[^1^].

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**Keywords/Tags:** SS14, NYFW, Cutler, Paola Hernandez, Cutler4Redken, Redken, RedkenReady, BehindTheScenes, Backstage Beauty[^1^]

[^1^]: [Video Transcript](insert_transcript_link)
[^2^]: [Redken Products](insert_redken_link), [Cutler Flyway Stick](insert_cutler_link)

Jenny Balding talks us through how she achieved the soft yet strong look for the Paola Hernandez presentation at NYFW Spring 2014. Using Redken products, Jenny styles the models with a sleek look adding a twist with a tight, center braid.

Video : Joel Mitchell & Dean Holcombe
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