Cynthia Florek, FNTV Host, Holds Interviews with Designers Rudsak, Hayley Elsaesser, Farley Chatto, and TFI

# FNTV Toronto Fashion Week FW16 Day: Exclusive Interviews with Canadian Designers

Join us for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the Toronto Fashion Week FW16 as we chat with the hottest Canadian designers including Farley Chatto, Hayley Elsaesser, Evik Astoorian from Rudsak. Get ready to be inspired by their runway collections and learn about the creative process behind their designs.

In this video, we kick off the day by attending the TFI press and media breakfast, where industry experts like Susan Langdon, the executive director at Fashion Incubator, share their insights. Find out what this event is all about and how it supports up-and-coming Canadian fashion talent.

Are you a new designer looking to join the press breakfast and showcase your collection for the next season? Reach out to GFI at Fashion Incubator for more information on how to get involved.

First, we have a fascinating interview with Farley Chatto, a renowned fur specialist. Discover the inspiration behind his fall 2016 collection, which draws influences from the classical ballet “La Sylphide” and the TV show “Outlander.” Learn how Farley challenges himself to push the boundaries of furs while maintaining a strong ethical standpoint.

Next, we sit down with the talented Hayley Elsaesser, known for her vivacious colors and bold prints. Hear about her decision to cast regular people alongside models, challenging the fashion industry’s narrow beauty standards. Discover how she empowers individuals of all sizes and ages to shine on the runway.

We end the day with an interview with Evik Astoorian from Rudsak, a brand that consistently delivers exceptional designs. Find out how Evik stays ahead of the game in the ever-changing Canadian fashion landscape and learn about his approach to creating versatile pieces that can be worn year-round.

Canadian fashion is on fire, and these designers are making us proud. Join us on this journey as we dive into the world of fashion, style, and creativity. Don’t miss out on the chance to discover the next big thing in Canadian fashion!


FNTV @ Toronto fashion Week FW16 Day : Join me as I interview designers Farley Chatto, Hayley Elsaesser, Evik Astoorian from Rudsak about their runway collectionsHayley Elsaesser

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