Cynthia Florek, FNTV Host, Interviews Hilary McMillan and Zeina Esmail about FW16

## FNTV x TFW 16: Exclusive Designer Interview with Hilary McMillan and Stylist Zeina Esmail

In this exciting episode, we bring you an exclusive interview with renowned fashion designer Hilary McMillan and her talented stylist, Zeina Esmail. Join us as we delve into the inspirations behind Hilary’s remarkable Fall/Winter 2016 collection, explore the fascinating work of a stylist behind the scenes, and discover the latest fashion trends showcased at Toronto Fashion Week.

Hilary McMillan, known for her cruelty-free approach and ethical choices, shares her decision to go fur-free, avoid using exotic skins, and embrace sustainable fabrics in her designs. With fashion being constantly influenced by global events, Hilary’s collection is a testament to the power of love and acceptance, intertwining the spirit of cultural diversity and unity. The stunning lip print, featuring vertical three lips in a touch of watercolor elegance, serves as the foundation upon which the collection flourishes.

Throughout the video, we also get an exclusive glimpse into the indispensable role of a stylist. Zeina Esmail, the mastermind behind the scenes, sheds light on the collaborative process between a stylist and a designer. From assisting with the creative vision, to meticulously curating an extensive collection, Zeina gives viewers an insight into the vital contribution that a stylist makes. Stylists possess a keen eye for detail, helping designers achieve their ultimate vision and enhancing each piece to perfection.

Discover the unsung hero behind the fashion show and witness the extraordinary teamwork between a stylist and a designer. Stay tuned for captivating behind-the-scenes experiences, mesmerizing runway displays, and an exploration of the latest fall trends. Witness the magic of Toronto Fashion Week alongside these talented Canadian designers, Hilary McMillan and Zeina Esmail.

Don’t miss out on this incredible interview that celebrates fashion, style, and the limitless possibilities of Canadian design.

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FNTV x TFW 16: Join me as I interview designer Hilary McMillan & her stylist Zeina Email on her FW 16 collectionHilary MacMillan

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