Daca-Inspired Collection Brought to Life by Ricardo Secco

**[Title of the Video]:** Ricardo Secco Fall 2018 Collection: Daca-Inspired Fashion for Men & Women | Interview with Designer

**[Introduction Paragraph]:** Discover Ricardo Secco’s groundbreaking Fall 2018 collection, inspired by the Daca movement, and designed to embody both male and female aesthetics. In this exclusive interview conducted by journalist Brook Ashley Peterson, the renowned designer shares his vision for this season and his exciting collaboration with footwear empire, New Balance. Secco’s collection speaks not only to the world of fashion but also to the political climate that surrounds us. Dive into the interview to gain insights into his creative process and how the current political landscape has influenced his designs.

**[Body Paragraph 1]:** As the world watches the dreamers battle under the Trump administration, Ricardo Secco presents a collection that dares to dream beyond limitations. Each piece in his fall collection carries its own meaning, reflecting the ambition and resilience of those who strive for a better future. Secco’s designs are a testament to the strength and determination that lie within the deepest layers of the heart. Explore the interview to uncover the emotional depth behind his creations.

**[Body Paragraph 2]:** In his collaboration with New Balance, Secco pushes the boundaries of gender norms and embraces the concept of mixed fashion. This collection breaks the traditional mold and introduces gender fluid fashion that encourages individuals to express themselves authentically. Witness the fusion of Mexican and Spanish influences, as Secco weaves a tapestry of cultural diversity through his exquisite designs. Exciting new possibilities emerge as fashion becomes a tool for political expression.

**[Body Paragraph 3]:** Join journalist Brook Ashley as she dives into the intricacies of Secco’s collection. Gain insight into his favorite piece and learn about the craftsmanship that goes into each garment. From the evolution of a dream to the reality of a collection, witness how Secco’s unique perspective shapes the fashion landscape and challenges societal norms.

**[Conclusion Paragraph]:** Immerse yourself in the world of Ricardo Secco’s Fall 2018 collection. From the bold expressions of political activism to the grace and beauty of his designs, this collection is a testament to his unwavering commitment to his craft. Experience the merging of fashion and identity as Secco invites you to dream beyond your wildest imagination. Don’t miss out on this captivating interview and explore more of our fashion and lifestyle videos on our Amazon Prime channel – ADDY media.

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– [Ricardo Secco](link to the designer’s website)
– [New Balance](link to New Balance website)

Ricardo Secco creates a Daca inspired collection catering equivalently to both female and male aesthetics, perfected through an incomparable and naturally constructive delivery. The designer also welcomes a newfound collaboration with veteran footwear empire, NEW BALANCE. RICARDO SECO dedicates this season to any human being who dares to dream beyond their wildest imagination yet; furthermore, believes within the deepest layers of the heart, that this is what will ultimately come to be. Find out more from our interview with journalist Brook Ashley. Watch more of our fashion and lifestyle videos on our Amazon prime channel
Ricardo Seco

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