Daniel Hoyos Fashion Show: A Nostalgic Experience on Google+ in Mexico

Welcome to the Google+ Fashion México live stream! In this video, fashion designer Daniel Hoyos presents his collection for the first time in Mexico. Inspired by a beautiful story, Daniel and his team have created a collection that tells the tale of a man who dies for a woman, and how she is reborn as a beautiful flower. The collection features strong and confident women, showcasing their power in the face of oppressive attitudes.

Daniel’s creative process is both challenging and rewarding. As an artist and designer, he values the journey of creation more than the end result. Behind every stunning piece is a team of 20 people working tirelessly to bring his vision to life.

Furthermore, it is interesting to note that Daniel’s core business is actually creating uniforms. This unconventional approach to fashion has allowed him to fulfill the demands of corporate clients, while still expressing his artistic side.

In a fashion industry that is becoming increasingly conscious, Daniel’s commitment to his craft and his team is commendable. Though his creations may be expensive, they are made with care and sold to a select few who appreciate the artistry behind each piece.

Watch the full video for an inside look at the creative process behind Daniel’s collection and the story that inspired it.

*Video Source: [Google+ Fashion México](insert video link here)
*Image Source: [Unsplash](insert image link here)


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