Dark Fusion Coven Show featuring Nefru Merit

**Dark Fusion Coven Show Premiere** | 13 June 2020

Witness the mesmerizing dance performance by Nefru Merit, an exceptionally talented dancer known for her extraordinary **Dark Fusion Coven Show**. Immerse yourself in a world of dark aesthetics and captivating movements that will leave you in awe.

Dancer – Nefru Merit:
– Instagram: [nefru_merit](
– Facebook: [nefru.merit](
– VK: [club195287204](
– YouTube: [Nefru Merit](

The talented Ethel, the organizer of this extraordinary event, will take you on a journey like no other. Experience the fusion of darkness and tribal elements through dance.

Organizer – Ethel:
– VK: [ethel_anima](
– Facebook: [Ethel.Tribal](
– Instagram: [ethel_anima](

This stunning performance showcases the art of Dark Fusion Coven, a unique blend of dance styles including tribal fusion and dark aesthetics. Be entranced by their seamless integration of Gothic elements with graceful movements.

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Witness the artistry, immerse yourself in the darkness, and be captivated by the rich colors and unearthly beauty of the Dark Fusion Coven Show. Don’t miss this phenomenal display of talent and creativity.

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Dark Fusion Coven Show
Premiere 13 June 2020

Dancer – Nefru Merit:

Organizer – Ethel:

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Written by Ethel Anima


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