Dark Fusion Coven Show II: An Enchanting Night of Theater and Tribal Dance Under the Full Moon

**##Dark Fusion Coven Show II – A Captivating Mix of Dance and Aesthetics**

Watch the mesmerizing Theater Tribal Dance Full Moon perform in the highly anticipated Dark Fusion Coven Show II, premiering on 13 February 2021.

Prepare to be spellbound as these talented dancers take the stage, showcasing their unique fusion of tribal and contemporary dance styles. Immerse yourself in a whirlwind of colors, beauty and awe-inspiring moves that will leave you wanting more.

Valeriia Sintsova, a renowned tribal dancer, leads the pack with her graceful and powerful movements. Follow her on Instagram @[valeriiasintsova_tribal_dancer]( and discover more of her extraordinary performances on her YouTube channel [Valeriia Sintsova](

Theater Tribal Dance Full Moon, the ensemble Valeriia is a part of, will leave you in awe with their collective talent and harmonious choreography. Visit their Instagram page @[theater_tribal_dance_full_moon]( and follow their Facebook page [Theater Tribal Dance Full Moon]( for more captivating performances.

Behind the scenes, the sensational Ethel brings the Dark Fusion Coven Show to life as the organizer and mastermind. Stay connected with Ethel on Vkontakte @[ethel_anima]( and join her vibrant Tribal community on Facebook [Ethel Tribal]( Get a glimpse into Ethel’s world by following her on Instagram @[ethel_anima]( and TikTok [@ethel_anima](

Get ready to be enchanted by Dark Fusion Coven Show II, a captivating spectacle of dance, culture, and aesthetics. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary experience that combines the classic art form of tribal dance with a fresh and modern twist. Witness the beauty of this unique fusion, set against the vibrant backdrop of Minsk, Belarus.

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Dark Fusion Coven Show II
Premiere 13 February 2021

Dancers – Theater Tribal Dance Full Moon:

Organizer – Ethel:

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Written by Ethel Anima


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