David Farland Presents: Unveiling the Editing Process

**Title: David Farland teaches about editing at Life, the Universe, and Everything: A Comprehensive Workshop for Writers**

Welcome to David Farland’s insightful workshop on editing for writers, recorded in February 2011 at Life, the Universe, and Everything. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned writer, this workshop covers essential techniques to improve your editing skills and take your writing to the next level.


**About the Workshop**

Have you ever finished writing a manuscript and felt lost on what to do next? Many writers struggle with the editing process, unsure of how to improve their work without losing the integrity of their words. In this workshop, David Farland dives into the editing process, sharing tips, strategies, and examples to guide writers through this often-daunting stage.


**Why Attend David Farland’s Workshops**

As an esteemed expert in the field, David Farland has temporarily paused hosting workshops. However, if he resumes, attending one of his workshops is a must for any serious writer. Known for his dedication and passion for helping students, Farland delivers invaluable insights and techniques that are well worth the investment. Visit David Farland’s website to stay updated on future workshops.

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**Video Transcript Excerpt: A Writing Workshop on Editing**

In this video, David Farland addresses an essential aspect of writing—editing. He shares valuable insights on the types of edits, such as triage editing, that writers should consider to enhance their manuscripts. Farland emphasizes the importance of adding, deleting, and refining content to improve the overall narrative.

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David Farland teaches about editing at Life, the Universe, and Everything. February 2011.

Two months after this, I attended the workshop where Dave taught in-depth about the things he touched on in this presentation. Extremely useful workshop. Dave has temporarily stopped hosting workshops, but if he starts again I encourage any serious writer to attend. Well worth any expense. Dave is a real expert and an excellent teacher who sincerely wants to help his students. Visit his website at

NOTE: the book advertised in the video, The Demigod Proving, is not David Farland’s book. It is my (the owner of this YouTube channel) book. I’m S. James Nelson. If you’ve appreciated the videos in my channel, please consider showing your support by taking a look at my book on Faulkner

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  1. David Farland is simply a master at writing fantasy novels. His Runelords series is positively brilliant. His guidance to authors is invaluable. What a great video. 📚

  2. "Part of capturing an audience is to convince them that they are in the hands of a really good writer."
    He said that so well. That is why we edit, and why we try to get out of our own way, when we look at what we have to make better.

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