Descubra três looks práticos para mulheres multitarefas

**Title: Secrets to Effortlessly Chic Style for Busy Moms | Vogue Brasil**

Looking for simple yet chic fashion tips for busy moms? Donata Meirelles, Style Director at Vogue Brasil, has got you covered. In this video, she shares her tricks for achieving a fashionable look that can take you from dropping off the kids at school, to work, and even to a night out with your husband or friends. Join Donata as she explores the latest trends and must-have pieces that will effortlessly elevate your style.

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[00:00] Donata Meirelles: This week, I’m here to visit a store that has been making a mark in the fashion industry for over 16 years. Welcome to Quero Já, the place where fashion dreams come true.
[00:10] *Video footage showcasing the store*

[00:15] Donata Meirelles: The heart is the symbol of Quero Já, and it perfectly represents the passion and energy that you feel as soon as you enter this amazing store.
[00:23] *Video footage showcasing the heart symbol and the store’s energy*

[00:28] Donata Meirelles: Quero Já has a collection that will leave you speechless. From jeans and t-shirts to leather jackets and accessories, they have it all.
[00:36] *Video footage showcasing various fashion pieces*

[00:41] Donata Meirelles: Let’s start with the timeless boyfriend jeans, which never go out of style. Pair it with a leather mini skirt and a show-stopping t-shirt for a fashionable night out.
[00:50] *Video footage showcasing the boyfriend jeans and styling ideas*

[00:55] Donata Meirelles: Another versatile piece is the classic button-down shirt, which can be worn in many ways. Tuck it into your pants for a polished look or go for a casual vibe by leaving it untucked.
[01:05] *Video footage showcasing the button-down shirt and different styling options*

[01:10] Donata Meirelles: Looking for a statement piece? Check out this stunning wide-leg pants. It’s perfect for the changing seasons and can be styled for any occasion.
[01:18] *Video footage showcasing the wide-leg pants*

[01:23] Donata Meirelles: I’ve personally tried on two looks that I think you’ll love. The first one is a modern and comfortable ensemble, mixing military-inspired fashion with a basic t-shirt, topped off with a stylish pair of heels.
[01:35] *Video footage showcasing the first look*

[01:40] Donata Meirelles: For my second look, I went all out with a beautifully embroidered jacket, paired with a silk camisole and a statement belt. The red heels add a pop of color to complete the outfit.
[01:53] *Video footage showcasing the second look*

[01:57] Donata Meirelles: I absolutely loved these looks, and I’m sure you will too. Remember to download the Vogue Brasil app on your phone for more fashion inspiration. Get ready to step into the fitting room and feel amazing in Quero Já’s stunning fashion pieces.

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A diretora de estilo da Vogue Brasil, Donata Meirelles, ensina os truques de uma moda simples e chique para quem leva os filhos na escola, trabalha e depois ainda sai para curtir com o marido ou as amigas.
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  1. Eu odeio jeans boyfriend, nunca vi favorecer ninguém. Acho um item de moda por moda, sem oferecer nada pro corpo e em elegância.
    Mas adorei a alfaiataria, o body e o 2º look foi incrível! Usaria muito.

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