Designer Hicham LAHLOU Featured in BMCI Innovation No. 4

# Design for Innovation: Insights from Hicham Lahlou

Are you wondering how to use design to drive innovation? You are not alone! Join us as we explore the world of design and aesthetics with Hicham Lahlou, an acclaimed designer, in this week’s episode of **#OserLavenir**.

First things first – design is not just about new technologies, computers, websites, and mobile apps. It could be as simple as a pen and a sheet of paper. Hicham Lahlou is a designer who excels in branding, packaging, industrial design, product design, and more.

In this video, Hicham shares his expertise on the connection between design and innovation. He explains that design is not just about decoration and crafts – it is a strategic domain that is at the forefront of every organization’s thinking. Design thinking, a methodology that is integrated into the management system of many organisations, helps to drive innovation.

Are you curious about how Hicham approaches innovation in his design process? He believes that innovation is not just about creating new products, but also about answering existing needs in a fresh and unique way. One example is his design for a water bottle that holds up to six bottles of water.

Hicham also shares about his work with Afrique A Design, an organisation that identifies and supports young African talents. He mentions his collaboration with the French embassy and the Moroccan Office of Industrial and Commercial Property (OMPIC) to celebrate innovation and intellectual property.

Join us in this fascinating conversation on design and innovation with Hicham Lahlou, a global leader in the field. Stay tuned to our channel and listen to **#OserLavenir** on Un Train TIC radio.

– [Hicham Lahlou’s website](
– [Afrique A Design website](

Qu’est ce que le design ? Est ce que le design est au service de l’innovation, ou l’inverse ? Immersion dans le monde du design et l’esthétique avec le designer Hicham Lahlou, dans l’épisode de la semaine.
Hicham Lahlou

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