Despertar Financiero E18 l ¿Seguir tus sueños es solo un cuento de hadas?

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Welcome to the first episode of “Despertar Financiero”! In this episode, we will be discussing a topic that many of us dream about: achieving financial freedom while pursuing our passions. Our guest today is Kassandra Torres, the founder and creative director of Noise Magazine. She will be sharing her journey and the obstacles she has faced along the way.

Kassandra started her project, Noise Magazine, during her time as a student studying fashion design and business at Sedima University in Monterrey. As part of her collective thesis, she focused on reactivating the fashion industry in the northeast region of Mexico. This led her to realize the need for a communication platform that showcased the fashion scene in the area, as mainstream media tended to focus solely on the fashion trends in Mexico City and Guadalajara.

After a year of research and dedication, Noise Magazine was born. It started as a small community with just a few hundred followers but quickly grew to over 10,000. The turning point came when Noise Magazine was selected as a winner in the “Diseña México 32” initiative, which opened doors to collaborations with different models and brands, as well as participation in Fashion Week Mexico.

For Kassandra, the most satisfying achievements are not the big milestones, but the small victories that happen every day. These include making Noise Magazine a profitable project that benefits everyone involved. As the project gained structure and became financially sustainable, Kassandra found fulfillment in seeing the impact it had on the lives of her team and the fashion community in the region.

If you are aspiring to pursue your passion while achieving financial stability, this episode will inspire you and show you that it is possible. Join us as Kassandra shares her insights and experiences on how she turned her dream into a reality.

Watch the full video to learn more about Kassandra’s journey and the evolution of Noise Magazine. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to our channel for future episodes of “Despertar Financiero”!


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Vivir el sueño también es difícil, hay retos que de pronto parecen convertirlo en una pesadilla, pero hay un aprendizaje en todo. En este episodio, Kassandra Torres, fundadora y directora creativa de Noise Magazine, plática con Silvia Lozano, co-fundadora de TaxFi, sobre su revista digital, los obstáculos a los que se ha enfrentado y cómo ha evolucionado.
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