Diana Beltran’s Paper Birds

# Incredible Paper Birds by Diana Beltran Herrera: A Pop-Art Masterpiece

![Birds created by Diana Beltran Herrera](

Colombian artist Diana Beltran Herrera is known for her awe-inspiring paper sculptures that feature various types of birds, fish, flowers, and butterflies. With only colored paper, glue, and scissors, Diana produces lifelike paper creations that take the art of paper sculpture to another level.

In this video, you’ll get to see some of her most famous bird paper sculptures, which have recently surpassed 100 pieces in her collection. As you watch the video, it’s hard not to be amazed at the level of detail and accuracy of each bird sculpture. From the majestic Bald Eagle to the flamboyant Flamingo, each bird appears as if it’s ready to fly off the page.

To create these impressive paper sculptures, Diana uses a combination of techniques, from cutting and folding the paper to adding details through painting and drawing. Her art has been featured in exhibitions across the globe, and she has even created illustrations for high-profile brands.

If you’re a fan of pop-art or simply appreciate exquisite art forms, this video is a must-watch. Check out more of Diana Beltran Herrera’s work on [her personal website](

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– [Paper Birds by Diana Beltran Herrera](
– [Diana Beltran Herrera’s personal website](

Бумажные птицы Дианы Бельтран
по материалам:

Колумбийская художница Диана Бельтран Эрерра (Diana Beltran Herrera) создает потрясающих бумажных птицы, используя лишь цветную бумагу, клей и ножницы. Последние несколько лет Диана оживляет при помощи бумаги не только птиц, но и рыб, цветы и бабочек. А недавно число ее работ достигло отметки 100 штук.

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Diana Beltrán

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