Discussing the Over 20 Books I Read in February!

# Book Reviews and Recommendations | Monthly Wrap-Up | Romance Books | Reading Vlog 2022

Welcome to the book wrap-up for February! In this video, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on over 20 books that I read this month. If you love spicy romance and are looking for book recommendations, you’ve come to the right place!

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Now, let’s dive into the books I read in February. I’ll give you a brief plot summary, my star rating, any tropes, trigger warnings, and my overall thoughts on each book.

**1. The Maid by Nina Pros**
– Star Rating:
– Tropes: None
– Trigger Warnings: None
– Overall Thoughts: This debut novel was highly anticipated, but it didn’t live up to the hype for me. The plot twist was unnecessary and obvious, and the whodunit mystery felt lackluster. However, I’m open to reading more from this author in the future.

**2. The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang**
– Star Rating:
– Tropes: Workplace romance, successful woman, man who thinks woman is too good for him
– Trigger Warnings: None
– Overall Thoughts: Despite my initial reservations about the workplace romance and not relating to the main character’s job, this book surprised me with its cuteness. It follows Stella, who has Asperger’s, as she hires an escort named Michael. Their relationship dynamic and steamy scenes made this a quick and enjoyable read.

**3. Talk Bookish to Me by Kate Bromley**
– Star Rating:
– Tropes: Enemies to lovers, second chance, forced proximity
– Trigger Warnings: None
– Overall Thoughts: This book initially had a five-star rating from me, but I deducted a star for the common romance trope of a simple misunderstanding leading to a breakup. Despite that, I loved the bookstagrammer protagonist, the banter, and the books-within-a-book aspect. It’s a cute and underrated read that deserves more attention.

**4. The Trouble with Hating You by Sajni Patel**
– Star Rating: ½
– Tropes: Enemies to lovers, slow burn
– Trigger Warnings: Sexual assault
– Overall Thoughts: I came across this book on a Kindle Daily Deal and was blown away by how cute it was. The story revolves around independent engineer Leah, who walks out on her arranged marriage and ends up working with hotshot lawyer Jay. It’s a slow burn love story with a STEM badass and is definitely underrated.

**5. The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell**
– Star Rating:
– Tropes: None
– Trigger Warnings: None
– Overall Thoughts: This fast-paced and gripping thriller had me hooked from beginning to end. It follows the Merton family and their murder on Easter dinner. With multiple POVs and a mysterious whodunit plot, it reminded me of “Knives Out.” I couldn’t put it down and highly recommend it if you love suspense and plot twists.

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  1. I love the book recs being separate from the monthly reset video. Also I love all the info you give in these it makes it easier to figure out if I'll like a book. Curious though do you ever get books from the library? I've never heard you mention getting your books from one. If not, I'm curious why?

  2. I like this as a separate video! Reading more books is on a goals list this year. 8/35 so far. I really appreciate how detailed you get on why you like or don’t like a book. I’ll definitely be adding some of those predictable books to my queue. Also I started “The Trouble with Hating You” per your recommendation, thank you! It’s so cute.

  3. Neon Gods Hades is a different Hades from the Wicked Villains series. I think she actually has them cross paths in some patreon exclusive shorts. But yes, different characters. 🥰

  4. Thanks for keeping all these book recommendations in a separate video, makes it way easier to go through, pick the ones I am interested in and then request them from my local library LOLLLL

  5. I love your recommendations so I’m going to the library today to pick them out. I haven’t been this excited about books in a long time. Can’t wait to read them all

  6. I am not sure why people continue to compare The Maid to Clue, it's nothing like that, I think Molly The Maid was on the Spectrum too, which I wish they would have explored. I thought it was good, but not brilliant, but you have to understand Molly's personality and how she was raised. I think it's hard for us to think people can be that "formal."

  7. Been looking for some new book recommendations! I love the variety you’ve been posting recently.

    I don’t know if you saw or not but Michelle Reed posted a new video over monthly reset. She shouted you out on it!! I was super excited for you. I even commented on one of your videos how much you reminded me of a Michelle Reed, and here we are! 🥺💗

  8. That’s a looot of books. 😮 I’ve only read 6 books last month but it’s an improvement for me compared to my 3 books read last January.

  9. I absolutely love your channel! I love personal finance, I'm a huge book reader, and I love home renovations and cant wait to see what you do with your house. I'm so glad I found your channel and I'm on my way to reading everything in this haul haha 💝

  10. I was in a reading slump this past month and this video give me such good recommandations for pick up books in March! 💝 can't wait to see you reading for this upcoming month!

  11. Omg, this video is perfect! I used to be super into romance books but I’ve gone off them and Neon Gods sounds like something to get me back into them! Please make these every month! 😂 x

  12. Also, have you had a Kobo? Wondering if the Kindle is better. I have a Kobo, but I don't love the interface, honestly, but it serves its purpose and I can get library books from my local library on it.

  13. Carter, love all your videos! I always feel like I’m hanging out with a girl friend💖 you’ve inspired me to get back into reading! Love you and can’t wait for your next upload!!

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