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### **Victor Dzenk: Brazilian Fashion Designer Talks Summer Collection 2014 in Brasília**

Discover the brilliance of renowned Brazilian fashion designer Victor Dzenk as he unveils his exclusive Summer 2014 collection in Brasília. In this interview, we delve into Victor’s affinity for Brasília, his creative process, and his love for technology in fashion.


Victor’s connection with Brasília runs deep, having been one of the pioneers of the capital’s fashion scene. Now, he returns to showcase his summer collection at Netas de Antônia. Inspired by Clara Nunes, the collection exudes a vibrant Brazilian essence with its captivating digital prints and nature-inspired themes, including birds and flowers. It is no surprise that this feminine collection exudes a beachy, coastal vibe.

Implementing the latest technology in his creative process, Victor shares how he seamlessly blends hand-drawn illustrations and digital photography to craft his distinctive designs. The digital patchwork technique plays a crucial role in constructing his stunning prints. Embracing technology, Victor recognizes how it revolutionizes not only the fashion industry but also in helping creators like him develop and share their work. He confesses to being a technology enthusiast, avidly using platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to showcase his creativity to the world.

Known for his versatility, Victor’s collections cater to a wide range of clientele, both young and mature, featuring both printed and solid-colored garments. His vibrant, color-infused winter collections adopt a tropical twist, adapting to the unique climate of Brazil, where it remains summer for most of the year.

Witness the artistry of Victor Dzenk as he combines fashion and technology to create captivating designs that embody the spirit of Brazil. Subscribe to [Programa Costume]( for more exciting interviews and fashion insights.

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O estilista Victor Dzenk é um dos principais estilistas brasileiros. Nós aproveitamos o lançamento da coleção Verão 2014, em Brasília, para conversar com ele.
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  1. Como ! Sempre tudo muito aparessemte tudo muito Carnaval stampas enormes ke faz a mulher visibilmente mais gorda afff moda mesmo e so na Europa ate no agosto no verao europeo o povo e minimal chic kkkk o resto e fantazia de Carnaval kkk

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