Disponible en ACEROJOYASMEX: Anillo TANYA MOSS edición Mariposas de Plata Fina 925

Tanya Moss Butterfly Ring in 925 Sterling Silver | Size 5 | 1.2cm Wide

Welcome to our YouTube channel, where we showcase our exquisite Tanya Moss Butterfly Ring in 925 Sterling Silver. This stunning ring features an authentic butterfly design, carefully crafted in a size 5. With a width of 1.2cm, this piece is sure to make a statement.

**Product Details:**
– Material: 925 Sterling Silver
– Size: 5
– Width: 1.2cm

Get this beautiful Tanya Moss Butterfly Ring for only $1700, including free shipping via DHL nationwide in Mexico. Each ring is delivered in a generic gift bag.

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**Why Choose Acero Joyas Mex:**
– Authorized retailer of Tanya Moss jewelry
– Authentic products with engraved markings for quality assurance
– Immediate shipping via DHL across Mexico
– Perfect for gifting or treating yourself
– Wide range of genuine products available

Make your purchase today and experience the elegance of Tanya Moss jewelry. Don’t miss out on this unique butterfly ring, only at Acero Joyas Mex.

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Anillo Tanya Moss
en Plata Fina 925
Talla num 5
1.2 cm de ancho
(Se entrega Anillo en bolsa de regalo Genérica)
Disponibles $1700
Estética 95 solo faltan etiquetas
Envió Incluido vía DHL a Nivel Nacional México

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Tanya Moss

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