Douglas Smythe of Phoenix Shaving Shares Tips on Blooming Shaving Soap & Expert Review Insights

**Title: How to Bloom Shave Soap Correctly for a Better Shaving Experience**

Welcome to another quick shaving tip with Douglas Smythe from How to Grow a Moustache! In this video, Douglas teaches you how to properly bloom your shave soap to enhance the natural aromatics and experience the true scent of the soap. Blooming your soap allows the essential oils to release their fragrance, giving you a more enjoyable shaving experience. Most importantly, blooming your soap before judging its scent can change everything!

Learn the step-by-step process of blooming your shave soap and why it’s crucial to take the time to experience the true scent before making a decision. Douglas Smythe shares his insights on the importance of blooming your soap and explains how it can greatly impact your overall shaving routine.

If you’re new to wet shaving or interested in improving your shaving experience, this video is for you! Discover the benefits of blooming your shave soap and how it can enhance your daily grooming routine.

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*Source: [How to Grow a Moustache](, [Moustache & Blade podcast](*
(NOTE: for softer soaps, keep the lid or cap on and submerge entire soap in hot water. Bring it up to temp. Same thing goes for cream in tubes!)
Today Douglas Smythe teaches us how to bloom a shave soap correctly. Make the most of your precious soaps and experience the way they were intended to be experienced!

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Written by Douglas Smythe


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  1. I have bloomed my soaps and loved it (only bloom for a couple of minutes). However, I do agree with everyone here saying that the soap loses it’s strength by doing it. Maybe someting like 40% of what it was as a new.

  2. Amazing info! Your love for the art of perfumery and soaps is genuine. I remember growing up in the 80's being fascinated by my dad's different fragrances and shaving gear. I wish I was doing same thing you doing unfortunately stuck in a different career. Anyway cheers to you. And look forward to purchasing your products.

  3. To be honest. I don’t know if I can stand to bloom your soap “Chocolate Bourbon” if that damn soap would smell better bloomed I would most likely get a spoon and eat it.

  4. This is why someone with more experience should review your scent's. No offense to the wet shaving crowd but just reading off the notes doesn't do anything for me, I can read lol. Have you ever thought about giving a verbal description of some of your soap's? I know there is a conflict of interest in there but it would be nice to know what it does on the skin.

  5. Doug, you get so very deep…yet all of this is important information for your customers. I do use this method with your soaps (I learned this in barber college). However, I am lacking the key knowledge to unlock your soap true potential in lathering. I end with a very usable lather…yet I feel you soap can provide a protection similar to a tallow based soap. I am searching for a video from your channel on how you do it. Thanks for these videos!

  6. Hello. New subscriber. I must admit my guilt. I have never bloomed. There it is, I said it. I plead ignorance. At 59 years old I didn’t know. Now I do. I hate sage. Yuck. Thank you.

  7. Hi there, just a quick one : Blooming the soap will for sure bring out the oils but wont we loose the ingredients gradually this way ? So great smell NOW, but no smell LATER on as the oils will be gone ?

  8. Can I try this with PAA Dapper Doc's Soap?
    In addition, can we wash out the bowl with the soap inside after we finish shaving or it will go bad? Thanks.

  9. I agree with you on most points but I have to disagree on one. I am lucky enough to live near a shave shop and bought a soap without smelling it. Took it home, lathered up and I could not stand the smell. But I didn't want to waste. 2 pass on the face and 2 pass on the skull. By the end I had a splitting headache. Other than that, great video.

  10. I only bloomed hard soap but after listing to this i'm blooming everything. I have just about all your soaps and didn't bloom them so much because they are softer. I love them all maybe I'll love even more blooming them. Thanks for the advise.

  11. I've been putting hot water on the soap during my shower for 25 years, pretty much ever since I started using shaving soap. It was a tip given to me by a friend. This was more from a performance standpoint than scent, as I don't normally use boutique shaving soaps.

  12. I have ( and love ) your Gondolier. My only complaint is that the scent strength seems to have gone down a bit. Admittedly, this is from an unbloomed soap. I was wondering if the scent strength might have gone down due to me not closing the lid properly or if it might need blooming.
    I am quite happy with your soaps and plan to get more soon, Do you have any suggestions. Your inventory is vast and I am trying to sort it out a bit. I do find that a strong scent profile brings me back more often. For reference, my favorite three non PAA soaps are Catie's Bubbles LPV, Barrister and Mann Seville, And Soap Commander Inspiration.
    My thoughts are to get three soaps, One citrus or fruity, one with deeper tones and then something… different. Any suggestions from your line would be appreciated.

  13. Howdy Douglas. Great helpful video but you didn't mention how hot the water should be, what to do with the blooming water or do you load the brush in the tub or in a shaving bowl.

  14. May sound crazy, but just got a tin of your outstanding smelling & performing Cavendish soap. Would you advise putting water on top or summersing it or could I even put in on a heating pad?

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