Douglas Smythe’s Guide to Creating Masculine Dryer Sheets for Phoenix Shaving Wet Shaving Tips, Tricks & More

**Turn Your Favorite Scents into DIY Dryer Sheets | Phoenix Shaving**

Learn how to make DIY dryer sheets using your favorite scents in this easy and effective tutorial. Douglas Smythe from Phoenix Shaving shows you how to create your own dryer sheets using fragrance oils or essential oils. Plus, he’s giving away a bundle of vent scent frames!

In this video, Douglas introduces the concept of vent scent car air fresheners and shares how you can use them to add fragrance to your homemade dryer sheets. He then takes you through the process of creating your own dryer sheets using vinegar, a jar or Tupperware container, and strips of face cloth. Douglas also provides tips on choosing the right amount of fragrance oil and demonstrates how to assemble the dryer sheets.

Making your own dryer sheets is a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to store-bought options. Not only will your clothes smell amazing, but the vinegar solution will naturally soften and reduce static in your laundry.

So, why wait? Watch the video now and learn how to transform your laundry routine with delightful scents and DIY dryer sheets!

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Turn your favorite scents into Dryer Sheets! This is a super easy, yet effective way to really embed and experience your favorite fragrances plus…A Giveaway! Thanks for watching and please share, like & subscribe folks!Smythe

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  1. Brand new subscriber and this is amazing! What an awesome idea. You are truly the mad scientist of wet shaving and I mean that in the best way possible! Greetings from 🇨🇦!

  2. pour the vinegar (olive oil:-) ) and the 50 to 60 drops of scent and then just add the strips and let them soak it in? Keep them wet? Or will they dry out?

  3. Always cool to watch your channel but because I 'm from Germany and being part american I wonder why you choose Nassrasur Medien as your channel name? Greetings from Hamburg Germany

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